What is a “Guest Post” and Why you should be “Guest Posting”


Put simply a “guest post” is a post that you write to be posted on a site/blog that someone else owns. Every savvy business owner, site owner or blogger has a guest posting strategy in place.

The Benefits of Guest Posting

With each guest post, you share a bit of your expertise with a particular community and thereby establish yourself as a thought leader in the subject matter. You also increase your exposure far beyond your own site’s page views. There is the potential to increase traffic to your site from that exposure, via the links contained in the guest post. Finally, on the more intangible side, it increases your network within the community or niche.

Two Crucial Caveats

There are two things to remember, and these two things are what keep most people away from a successful guest posting strategy.

First, it takes a lot of time. Researching sites/publications. Outreach. Researching relevant topics. More outreach. Writing. Follow up. It’s nearly impossible for a part-timer to get even a high-quality article on a high-demand site.

And second, guest posts, and especially including links within the posts, is a “sharp knife” exercise — If you don’t do it correctly, it won’t have the positive effect on your SEO that you had hoped; it can backfire on you.

That’s where we come in. We have the experience and expertise. Our lead writer has 25 years of experience, intense experience, with research and writing on diverse topics. We have the guest posting process down and we follow Google’s pulse so that our SEO strategies and tactics are always within guidelines. In other words, we are 100% white hat, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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