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Potential clients always ask, “What does custom web design cost?”  It’s a perfectly normal concern.  We offer three “channels” or solutions: (1) custom web design & development; (2) a starter web design service; and finally, (3) for the complete do-it-yourselfer, a blog setup service.

Custom Web Design Cost

First off, and I’ll state in plain and simple, for our custom web design and app development we do not compete on price. Considering the quality and level of services that we provide, we simply cannot. If price is your only consideration, we’d be more than happy to provide you with a list of recommended website developers in your price range. Seriously, just ask.

Websites are priced based on the specific needs of the client. We don’t have any one-size-fits-all pricing plans. That would be a disservice to our clients as well as to ourselves. Custom design has to come at a custom price. This ensures you’ll get the website you’re paying for rather than a hasty solution thrown together to meet a low price just to get you to sign the contract. Ultimately, the price is based on what it will take to create the website. Just keep in mind that because your website either directly or indirectly generates revenue for your business, the site is an investment.

To get started, first read more about our custom capabilities and experience, and then get in touch.  A conversation is free!

Simple Web Site Service

For clients who have simple needs, for example, a brochure site, or an e-commerce site with only a few offerings, we provide a very attractive option:  our Simple Web Service, which is the next level down on the web design cost scale. This is an easy way to cut down on web design cost. We will design a custom, single-page site, provide graphics from our library of high-quality stock photos, and provide custom copy (all of the site’s text), all for a low monthly fee.  We also include revisions to the text at no extra charge, and technical maintenance and upgrades.  We keep your site running in tip-top shape.  Small businesses love this service because they can have a modern, quality site budgeted with affordable monthly payments. If this sounds interesting, feel free to read more about it.

Blog Setup Service

If you’ve thought about setting up a blog or wanted to set up a small e-commerce site but just didn’t know how to start, we have the solution for you: our Blog Setup Service.  For a minimal fee (and this really cuts down the web design costs to practically nothing!), we will set up your site, add security, and get it ready for you to start blogging.  Our fast turnaround will quickly get you started.  Everything about this service is easy!

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