We Love Your Questions!


You’re going to have questions.

Modern web design is not as simple as it was in 1991, when HTML 1.0 was created. Back then, along with buggy whips and nickel-a-loaf bread, there were only about two dozen HTML tags — elements such as headings and links. Gone are the days when the neighbor’s kid who lives in the basement can legitimately call himself a “web designer” just because he can link in an annoying animated gif. And, to be honest, forget all those ads in your Facebook feed offering amazing websites built in just seconds for mere pennies. Of course they’re good for some. But for a real website that is a true business asset, as is any machine on the manufacturing floor or a top-producer on your sales force, web design is a process.

There are bound to be a few questions along the way and we welcome them. To put it even more bluntly, a prospective client who doesn’t ask questions is probably someone we don’t want to work with. We look at every client engagement as the beginning of a long relationship. The client doesn’t just hand us a bunch of specs and tell us to get to work. We don’t just deliver a finished product a few weeks later and shout, “Surprise! Here it is; it’s great isn’t it? Where’s my check?” We view web design as an organic and on-going process, and that’ s why we welcome these client questions.

The client needs to be sure that:

  • they trust us with a “machine” that generates revenue for their business
  • they will enjoy working with us
  • we are as dedicated to their success as we are

And we need to be sure that:

  • the client is getting the right website—the one that fits their needs
  • the client needs our level of attention and expertise (many don’t)
  • the client values our consultative approach

With every client relationship, there has to be a fit between our business philosophy and expertise, on the one hand, and the client’ s needs and goals on the other. Sometimes we’re not, and that’s okay. And sometimes the client isn’t a good fit for us. Before any web design proposal is signed, there are plenty of questions both from us and from the client.

So what are these questions like? Over the next five weeks, we’re going to answer these five questions. I’m sure that these will generate even more questions — and that’s great! Feel free to contact us and ask.

  1. Why should I consider using a custom design versus using a template or a theme?
  2. What is your design process?
  3. How do you price your website design projects?
  4. Will I be able to edit and make changes to my website on my own?
  5. How long will it take for you to build and launch my site?
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