A visually rich hero image draws visitors into the site and sets the site's tone.
The home page serves as a summary of and gateway to the variety of the site's content.
The site connects all members of this diverse, but cohesive, community.
Rather than redirecting users to other sites to view rich content, we increase engagement by incorporating audio and video on the site.
These three examples of screenshots from an iPhone show how good the site looks on a mobile device.

The Site

T he site is intended as a full community site for a local congregation and has components for each of the congregation’s demographics and each of the church’s ministries. The site’s design welcomes visitors with a full-width “hero image” A hero image is a large image prominently placed on the page and is often the first graphic a visitor sees. welcoming visitors into the site and setting the site’s tone. Within the site, the visitor has access to a rich content array. The site increases user engagement by maintaining an active on-site calendar for upcoming events, enabling online event registration, automating mailing list creation and management, and sending a periodic newsletter to community members.

Benefits and Features

  • The site is designed for mobile viewing and looks great on all device types: phones, tablets, and desktop monitors.
  • Clean, modern, interactive design.
  • Rich media deeply integrated into the site.
  • Easy and secure mailing list subscriptions.
  • The site is secured and “hardened” to reduce chances of hacking.

what we did

Web Design / Web Development / Hosting

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