How long will it take for you to set up my blog?

If you have a domain name picked out, the ordering process will take you a few minutes. Once that is complete (including payment), we will have your site up, tested and running within three working days.

Do you offer ongoing support for my blog?

The Blogger’s Quick Start Service makes it easier for you to get your blog “switched on.”  The ongoing hosting fee is for hosting.  Most bloggers we work with divide “ongoing support” into two categories:  (1) maintenance/upkeep, and (2) training.  For the first, for a small fee we offer an upgraded package that includes full upgrades of the WordPress core, your themes, and all plugins. As for training, we have some very good resources available, at no charge, to teach you the basics of running a WordPress blog.

If you need anything additional, feel free to submit a support ticket and ask, such as:

  • I want my blog to do “X” — can I make it do that?
  • My blog is getting 25,000 hits per day. Can I make it faster?
  • Can you add a couple of pages for me?
  • Can I add a shopping cart and sell a couple of products online?

For the last three questions, the answer is “Of course.  Just ask and we’ll generate a quote.”

“Who” is the hosting company?

All hosting is managed by our sister company, Hostificant LLC.  The people behind Hostificant started running their first server in 1995, and the servers and infrastructure are based in top-of-the line secure data centers. Take a virtual tour of one of our data centers.  For starter blogs, like the blog set up via our Blogger’s Quick Start Service, we use shared hosting, which is economical and reasonably quick.  As your site grows in readers or complexity, we will move your site to an optimized server.  Think of it as moving from a building of one-bedroom apartments with no elevator to a building of 2- and 3-bedroom condos overlooking the pool and fitness center.

Am I locked into a long-term contract?

No.  We understand that circumstances change, and sometimes unexpectedly. So with this service we don’t require a long-term contract.  You can cancel at any time. The hosting service is month to month so, if you decide to stop, just cancel and your service will end at the end of the term.  There are incentives for lengthening the term, though.  If you sign up for quarterly terms, you receive a 7% discount and if you sign up for an annual term you receive a 15% discount!  In addition, with a yearly term you also receive a free domain name for the next year.

How do you choose which WordPress plugins to add?

One way is to Google “what wordpress plugins should I use for my blog”.  The search results will list hundreds of articles like, “The 20 Best WordPress Plugins for Bloggers in 2018” and “The Top 12 …” and, of course, the “7 Crucial …”.  Actually, I didn’t see that last one.  Maybe I should write it. You may notice that they all have the same format:  numeral, adjective, noun.  “20 best plugins.”  Or some variation.  Plus a dash of hyperbole:  Crucial!  Testing shows that this formula increases click-through rate.

You could review a dozen or so of these lists and figure, “Well … if everyone says it’s good, it probably is.”  True, so long as everyone did their own research and testing.  Or did the “7 Crucial” blogger just get his list from the “Top 12” post, which got its list by arbitrarily culling down the “20 Best” post?  In other words, it’s not three different votes of confidence for an included plugin; it’s only one.

In our Blogger’s Quick Start Service (Plus), we solve the problem for you.  We research the plugins.  As new versions of WordPress and the plugins are released, we test the plugins for conflicts with WordPress and with each other.  We help to protect your site against things like that.

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