Do you offer ongoing support for my blog?


The Blogger’s Quick Start Service makes it easier for you to get your blog “switched on.”  The ongoing hosting fee is for hosting.  Most bloggers we work with divide “ongoing support” into two categories:  (1) maintenance/upkeep, and (2) training.  For the first, for a small fee we offer an upgraded package that includes full upgrades of the WordPress core, your themes, and all plugins. As for training, we have some very good resources available, at no charge, to teach you the basics of running a WordPress blog.

If you need anything additional, feel free to submit a support ticket and ask, such as:

  • I want my blog to do “X” — can I make it do that?
  • My blog is getting 25,000 hits per day. Can I make it faster?
  • Can you add a couple of pages for me?
  • Can I add a shopping cart and sell a couple of products online?

For the last three questions, the answer is “Of course.  Just ask and we’ll generate a quote.”

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