Q&A: What is our Design Process?


A Proven Design Process

Over the years, we’ve developed an efficient design process that helps us ensure that our clients get the highest quality product for their money; a website or app that they are excited about. We begin with fact-finding so we know exactly what you need from your site. Next comes the design concept phase, in which we determine the site’s look and feel. Once the rough design is approved, we develop the site. During the development process the client will be able to view our progress in real time. Throughout the process we test the site. The more and harder we try to “break” the site, the more bulletproof the site will be. After we complete the final testing and client review phase, the site can “go live.” Our design process will be detailed in the contract so that, from the very beginning, the client will know exactly what each party is doing.

An Agile Design Process

Even so, we believe in an agile process. Business is dynamic and it is not uncommon for the client to change specifications mid stream. The process is flexible so that we can incorporate additional requests into the process.

A Client-Centric Design Process

Our design process involves getting to know you and helping you determine what is going to work best for your business. Nothing is designed without a strategy in place, nothing ever moves to development without client approval, and nothing ever launches before it’s been thoroughly tested and you’re ready to launch. Our process is thorough and designed to create the website that will maximize your business’s online potential.

The Result?

The end result is a relationship that maximizes your new website’s benefits, ensuring that every time you look at it you’ll think of the site’s benefits and the revenue that it brings to your business.

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